General Maintenance - Lawn Mowing, Edge Trimming & Leaf/Dust Blowing
(Includes grass clipping removal & complimentary weed spraying)

Our 'General Maintenance' package consists of these 4 services; lawn mowing, edge trimming, leaf/dust blowing and weed spraying. Here's a few words about them..

1. Lawn Mowing - It all starts with a smooth, flowing, even cut lawn. Grass clippings are caught by default, or we can set the mower to 'mulch' and leave the clippings to fertilise your lawn or put them around the base of your trees and bushes or in your garden.

2. Edge Trimming - Complimenting a well-cut lawn are precision-trimmed lawn edges. Using combinations of vertical and horizontal trimming techniques, we achieve that nicely defined finish to frame your lawn. You will be impressed by our attention to detail.

3. Leaf/dust Blowing - Mowing & edging creates a mess, so naturally we takes care of this with our powerful backpack blowers leaving these areas neat and tidy. We are conscious of our surroundings, sometimes it's not suitable to use a blower in which case we have purpose-built outdoor vacuums.

4. Weed Spraying - Complimentary weed spraying is offered with every general maintenance visit to supress the weeds that love to grow between the gaps in your driveway and paved areas. Weed spraying has an effective time of around 2-3 weeks generally, depending on rain.

Pricing - Tiny Yard (15mins/150m2) $35, Small Yard (30mins/300m2) $50, Medium Yard (60mins/600m2) $75, Large Yard (90mins/900m2) $95.

Frequency - We recommend our General Maintenance program be done fortnightly or monthly (every 2 or 4 weeks), as it stops your grass from getting too long and the regular weed spraying should eliminate all traces.

Hedge Trimming & Garden Pruning
(Includes 1st load of rubbish removal)

Cut My Grass is fully equipped and skilled to do hedge trimming, garden pruning/shaping and minor tree lopping. We have both hand-held and long-reach hedge trimmers & pole saws, as well as chainsaws for heavy duty cut-backs and thinning out of overgrown gardens. We are insured to a work height of 3.5m, however do have a pair of 14' (4m) high ladders and can assess taller jobs upon request and advise if we can assist.

Pricing - $75/hr and this includes the first load of green waste rubbish removal (3m3/250kg).

Acreage Mowing

Not our core business but from time to time we do take on mowing and maintenance of acreages and large-lot blocks. The prerequisite for this are that the land must be relatively flat and even ground, with turf. Our ride on mower is for domestic purpose, (not a rugged commercial-grade machine), therefore we are unable to do non-turfed areas as it will break the machine. If we do take on your job, you won't be disappointed.

Pricing - POA, however starting around $200 upwards as these jobs usually take at least 3-4hrs to complete.

Rubbish Removal
(1 load = 3m3/250kg)

If you like to get in and do the garden work yourself, but don't have the means to dispose of the waste, then Cut My Grass can help. We offer green waste and general waste removal at affordable rates, especially when compared with the cost of hiring a skip! Please note, we do not remove soil/'fill', building waste, asbestos or any other potentially hazardous waste.

Pricing - Green Waste (1 load) $95, General Waste (1 load) $150, and this includes up to 30mins of trailer loading and tip fees.

Water Blasting (Pressure Cleaning)

Cut My Grass is also equipped to do water blasting. Water blasting uses high pressure water spray to clean, specifically concrete and paved areas, tiles, walls etc, from dirt, moss/algae, stains - you'll be amazed at the results we can achieve, driveways and curbs come up looking like new! Please note, Access to water and power needs to be available on site.

Pricing - $85 for the first hour, then $50 per hour thereafter. To give you an idea a standard size double garage driveway takes roughly 1 hour to do.

Other Services... (Pending our availability and workload)

Please note works cannot exceed $3,300 inc.gst as we choose not to be QBCC licenced as it is not our intention to undertake major/qualified works requiring a licence, and also any design work/ideas discussed cannot exceed a perceived value greater than $1,100 inc.gst for hydraulic/irrigation or $3,300 inc.gst for anything else. If you do require this level of service you will need to contact a suitably licenced QBCC contractor. For more information please contact the QBCC.

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