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Lawn Mowing + Edge Trimming + Leaf/dust Blowing
(Includes grass clipping removal & complimentary weed spraying)
  Tiny yard (15mins/150m2) - $35
  Small yard (30mins/300m2) - $50
  Medium yard (60mins/600m2) - $75
  Large yard (90mins/900m2) - $95
  I am a new customer, please quote
Hedge Trimming - $75/hr
(Includes 1st load of rubbish removal - 3m3/250kg)
  Maximum height 3.5m
Rubbish Removal
(Includes trailer loading & tip fees, 1 load = 3m3/250kg)
  Green waste - $95
  General waste - $150
Water Blasting - $85 for the first hour, then $50 per hour thereafter
(Minimum charge is 1 hour)
       Approximate area?: m2 (if known)
Other Services - $POA
(Please give brief description in the notes section and I will be in contact)

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